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I believe that great products are born through collaboration. So you can count on our deep involvement.

URL Shortener Bot 🔗🤖

Beta Rolled | Featured on Product Hunt

We developed a bot which can shorten any long URLs. This was a side project we were working in last year.

Free URL shortener to create perfect URLs for your business.


Tech ⚡️ Career Finder

Beta Rolled | Client project

Meet CareerFinder 👋 It's an interactive bot where students can discover their dream tech career based on their interests. Whom does it serve? Middle school and high school students. Anyone can use it, but the tool is geared towards gen-z minds⚡️

729606_6b84d565ab944d7085e47500aebe2887_mv2 (1).gif

Eucerin Malaysia WhatsApp Bot

On-going Project | Client Project

Currently working on WhatsApp bot project for Eucerin Malaysia.


Nivea Malaysia WhatsApp Bot

On-going Project | Client Project

Just developed this WhatsApp bot for Nivea Malaysia. This is an ongoing project.

Screenrecorder-2021-09-11-15-04-32-424_1 (1).gif

Rapidbott Interactive Landing Page

Business Model | Personal Project

Rapidbott project is my personal chatbot brand portfolio I developed. It is an interactive landing page.

Untitled design(2).gif


Concept Project

This is an unique project idea, a platform with a bot and users can engage with the platform. The users can start a conversation with the bot and they can watch their favorite Anime.

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